Event Tip: Smell Delicious

Event Tip: Smell Delicious

Event Tip: Smell Delicious
One morning, walking into an event, I was talking to the man who owned the Roasted Cinnamon Pecan booth.
He said “Time to turn on the magic” and I HAD to ask what he meant.
At his booth, he filled a huge, clear tumbler with cinnamon coated pecans. It heated the pecans which made them smell great, but “The Magic” was the fan he turned on next to it to blow the deliciousness EVERY WHERE in the coliseum.
No one could walk in and not smell it and follow their noses to his booth.
If you can serve samples… DO. If you can’t… smell like you are. Pick one of your favorite mixes and open it. If people want to know about it, let them smell it.
We sell food so getting a taste in their mouths is always best, but if you can’t, smelling can be just as effective.
Share our Kitcheneez “magic” whenever you can and sales will follow. 🙂