Let us help you enjoy more meals at home!

We have mixes for every part of your meal and for every taste!

Real Food, Normal Ingredients

Our mixes come with easy directions so you can make delicious dishes your family will love.

And, you'll love how easy they are to prepare!

  • Looking for Gluten Free options?

    We have LOTS of choices for you! With 50+ Gluten Free mixes, you can eat well with us!

  • Want mixes to use in your crock pot or instapot?

    Our crock pot/slow cooker mixes can easily be used in your Instapot.

  • Love Mexican and Southwest inspired dishes?

    We do too! From Enchlida Casserole to Mexican Mamba dip... we have something for you!


Did you know?

*Our Quick Meal Mixes come with a recipe card to save and use again.

*Many of our mixes make more than one batch.

*Our packaging protects from sunlight which can drain spices or their flavors.

*Our packaging is resealable so you can use as much as you'd like (this is handy especially if you're worried about spiceness).