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Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! How to pick, cook and enjoy!

Tips for picking the perfect pumpkin for carving: Look for a pumpkin that has a deep orange color. Knock on the pumpkin to check that it is hollow (and therefore ripe). Make sure the bottom of the pumpkin isn’t soft and mushy! Also, the bottom should be flat so it doesn’t roll. Check that the stem is firm and secure. Never pick a pumpkin up from the stem! […]

Are those eggs fresh?

Years ago, I had a friend who was new to “country life” and she got some laying hens.  She had so many eggs so didn’t know what to do with them all.   She gave them to friends and family and then…started throwing them away because she thought she had too many to use! Never, ever throw good eggs away! […]

Cooking Tips: Sticky Honey and Cheese

When measuring honey or peanut butter, spray your measuring cup or spoons with non-stick spray first. This will make what you’re measuring slide right out (without swiping with your finger). Even better, spray your grater before shredding cheeses. This will keep the cheese from “glumping” around the blades making it hard to clean later. We always buy cheese by the […]

Shopping Tip: Do this… don’t lick your fingers!

You know how hard it is to open the bags in the produce department at the grocery store? Don’t lick your fingers… gently rub the outside of a green pepper or cucumber. These things have a waxy texture that will give you just what you need to make opening bags easy.

Event Tip: Smell Delicious

Event Tip: Smell Delicious One morning, walking into an event, I was talking to the man who owned the Roasted Cinnamon Pecan booth. He said “Time to turn on the magic” and I HAD to ask what he meant. At his booth, he filled a huge, clear tumbler with cinnamon coated pecans. It heated the pecans which made them smell […]

Event Tip: Is one space better than another?

Event Tip: Is one space better than another? When you’re applying to an event, many times you’ll be shown the floorplan and asked which space you’d like to have (these normally come at different prices depending on if it’s a corner space or not). If you have tables/displays to be able to fill and use a corner space… to me, […]

Our Fall Family Tradition

  When the leaves begin to change and the temperatures are a little cooler, that’s the signal to make the annual mountain trip. Once every Fall, my family would load in the station wagon and head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Of course we’d make our stops at Lovers’ Leap for our annual photos and then spend some time […]

And she said she didn’t like to cook!

Growing up, dinner time was VERY important to our family. It was the only time of the day that we would all stop what we were doing to gather together to share a meal. My Mom never liked to cook and always looked at it as a chore she had to do each day. Getting that feeling from her probably […]