Our Featured Consultant for Top in Sales for September is Karen Poole

We hope you enjoy the special bundle that was designed based on Karen’s suggestions. She is a teacher and wanted to showcase some of our mixes that can help busy Moms fix quick and delicious meals.

Karen is not only great with sales, she is an incredible leader and shines brightly every day with all the work she does with her team.

Having her as a part of our Kitcheneez family is truly a blessing. ~Lisa

A note from Karen~

Hi!  I’m Karen Poole and have been blessed to be with Kitcheneez for almost 3 years. I hit turquoise level this summer and am so fortunate to be the Team Manager for a group of amazing women who I call family!

I am proof that Kitcheneez is great for anyone! I struggle (understatement 😉 ) in the kitchen, so Kitcheneez has come to my rescue. I’m definitely someone who has to use the recommended instructions on the back of each package. With these products I can now cook a variety of meals and do it quickly and easily without any fancy appliances or utensils.

I am a high school special ed English teacher, teach piano lessons, and work at the karate school where my daughter trains. I need things that I can throw together and love that Kitcheneez has so many meals that fit my needs.  To make things even better, I can precook meats and freeze them to cut my prep time even more.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my love of Kitcheneez with other and appreciate Lisa for her support. There’s no place else I’d rather be!

Our Featured Consultant for Highest Number of Sales is Louise Grasse for September

Congratulations Louise!  It’s always so much fun to see you in action. You do amazing things with your online parties and I know your guests have a blast. I hope you like the magnet I designed to celebrate your love of parties!   ~Lisa

From Louise: “Hello,
My name is Louise Grasse and I’m a Ordained Minister from Texas, married for 37 years. Territory Manager for my 8-5.
I love to travel and cook and have a live cooking show on FaceBook, Kitcheneez with Louise.

Kitcheneez Meal Mixes and More has just the right amount of ingredients to make meals a joy to cook.
I can’t cook but now with Kitcheneez I’m a chef in my own kitchen.
Kitcheneez takes the guesswork out of cooking so i can cook healthy meals at home.
My husband is great full for Kitcheneez too because he finally gets a home cooked meal.

I have learned that there are so many others like myself that need help and I’m glad to pass on the knowledge.
The support we give does come back to us in making new friends and a great downline of Consultants ready to learn and support others also.

Thank you Lisa for such a great opportunity.”

Louise Grasse