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Once you set up your account, you’ll be able to start saving 30-50% off and making 30% of your customer sales.

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Create your Consultant account at checkout and you’ll be ready to save on your purchases, build a team and earn from sales placed on your website.

If you’ve shopped with us as a customer previously, please use a different email address for your Consultant account.

We don’t have a minimum to stay active, but there is a $9.95 monthly website fee. Options are available to save with quarterly and yearly choices.

With more people eating at home for safety’s sake, this is a great time to be with us and offer our mixes as a way to keep meals simple and delicious without ever being boring.

We do have a non-compete clause that states that reps with other food based direct sales companies can not also represent us. If you have questions, please contact us before joining. [email protected]

We’d love to welcome you into our Kitcheneez Family!



Kitcheneez FAQs

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What makes Kitcheneez different?

We don’t “just” make mixes. Our goal is to help families eat more meals at home by offering quality spice blends and mixes to make cooking at home easier than ever.

We make our mixes when orders come in to ensure the best product possible. We don’t have barrels of products in a warehouse waiting to be repackaged. It may take a little longer for us to make, pack and ship your order, but we’re very proud of the quality that we know you’ll receive and feel you’ll appreciate the care we put into each order.

We have a wide variety of options for those with food sensitivities. Our website makes it easy to shop based on what your needs are.

Each mix comes with complete directions to prepare the dish with a list of the needed ingredients. All of our recipes use “normal” ingredients so they are user friendly to cooks on all levels.

Many of our packages contain enough to prepare several times making them a more affordable value.

For Consultants, our family atmosphere is a special part of what we offer and we’re proud to say “Welcome to the Kitcheneez Family” to each new member we have.

Why do people join Kitcheneez?

People join for different reasons:

* Some have tasted and fallen in love with our products and want the opportunity to share them with family and friends to make extra income.

* Some begin “just for the discount”, but enjoy being a part of our Kitcheneez family and start adding team members. Soon they have created a business they are proud of and love the company they are representing.

* Some come to us looking for a business opportunity to represent, sell and make income. Consultants can make profit by purchasing at discount and reselling at retail pricing. They can add to that by earning commissions from online customer sales and from pay on their downline members they’ve added to their teams.

No matter what brought you to us, we welcome you and support the ways you want to promote and grow your business.

How can I sell the products?

Independent Kitcheneez Consultants can promote their businesses through online sales and/or face to face events. Our Consultants have a lot of fun and success with online Facebook parties. They also do great at events where they can talk to customers and make connections. (We don’t allow our products to be sold on sites like Ebay, etc.)

How do I join?

We make it very easy to join us! Simply go to the Join Us bundle and pick the mixes you’d like. Read and agree to the attached information and place your order. You’ll receive a welcome email and be ready to get started.

What are the requirements to join Kitcheneez?

* Be at least 18 years of age

* Reside in the United States or US Territories

* Have a valid US social security number and agree to provide it for tax purposes

* Read and agree to our Consultant Policies and Procedures agreement in its entirety (this is found on the Consultant portal of our website)

* Set up payment for $9.95 a month for website fees

* Agree to not be a part of a competing food based Direct Sales company either before joining us or after becoming a Kitcheneez Consultant

How much commission do Consultants earn? Do they get discounts?

Consultants are in control of how much they earn and there really is NO limit to the success you can achieve.

Kitcheneez Consultants earn 30% of each customer sale they have placed on their replicated websites and they can earn commissions on their down line team members.

Consultants enjoy 30% off products and can earn rewards for as much as 50% off when certain goals are met.

Is there more information with more details I could read?

Yes, we have our complete Kitcheneez Consultant Policies and Procedures Agreement on the website. After you join, you’ll be able to find it under your Consultant Portal. If you choose not to stay with us after reading it within 72 hours of joining, you can decline from being a Consultant.

I was a Kitcheneez Consultant in the past. Can I rejoin?

Yes! We do require a 3 month waiting period if you have recently left us and each application is pending approval from the Corporate office.
We know that “life gets in the way” sometimes and we’ll welcome you back when the timing is right for you.

Non-Compete Policy

We have a non-compete clause for insurance purposes that does not allow other food companies to be sold at the same time as ours. (Pampered Chef IS allowed)

For this reason, we do not accept consultants who are currently with other food based direct sales companies to join us. Please contact us with questions.

Still have a few questions?

If you need some more information please click the link below to get in touch with us. We’ll do our very best to get back to you with any questions you may have about becoming a Kitcheneez consultant